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This application is designed to help create and support the mojoPortal translate offline. For best performance you need a copy of the mojoPortal help files, which can be downloaded with files & Miscellaneous. The application searches for all the help files and allow us to modify in the desired language.

You can also search the help links existing code that have no corresponding support set. This last feature is interesting for developers mojo content portal, and the application should check labels "portal: HelpLink" in the code and "helpKey" in the configuration files. This allows you to easily create Help files for a module that we have established once we have the appropriate links in the code.

Application functionality

  • Open mojoPortal aid folder (/Data/HelpFiles).
  • Find helpful links defined in the code files (.aspx, .ascx and .config).
  • Management sections. The application combines the aid before the first expression found after a script language. See sections.
  • Language reference. The application allows us to use another source as a source leguaje translations.
  • Creation of languages, new sections and links.
  • Filter of links without content (to be translated).
  • Filter of links from the code, links that were found searching source code.
  • Filter of links with data in reference language.
  • Export translations by language or section.
  • Google translation tool.
  • Statistics translated elements.
  • HTML Editor with syntax highlighting.
  • Preview translations.
  • Multilingual interface (currently in Spanish and English).
  • Installer.


The application divides the names of separating the language links, a section and the link. For example, the file "en-US-foldergallery-AllowEditUsersToChangeFolderPath-help" will consider it as the English translation ("en-US") in "foldergallery" aid "AllowEditUsersToChangeFolderPath-help". The extension "-help" will always be part of the link and in the absence of a first word separated by a hyphen section deemed null and void.

With sections provide similar aid the group, facilitating its translation. While not all mojoPortal original helps have a section defined the most recent ones seem to use this type of notation.

Google Translation Tool

The application has an action that opens a window in an internal browser and paste the Google Translate to translate the original content and submit the form.Closing the window will copy the translation back to the editor.

Translation of the application

If you want to translate the application into other languages ​​please contact me and I will provide the basis for translation files to the application will incorporate the new language you want.


Download mojoHelpTranslate

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