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Clemkey for mojoPortal are free components you add to your mojoPortal CMS. In the second version you can find two components: the Advanced list, is the one I use to keep my gifts list on this website and the Advanced Contact Form that allows you to include additional fields and other improvements.

Clemkey for mojoPortal are free components you can add to your content manager mojoPortal. In the initial version there is only a component called the GiftList that is the one I use to keep my list on this website.

Components available

  • Advanced List
  • Advanced Contact Form

Advanced List

This component is a version of "Link List", completely rewritten and allowing many new features. The idea arose of using the standard list that I found it very difficult to maintain. The features can be emulated using the simple list and adding a table in the description, but this way is easier to upload the items. Among its features you can find:

  • Different types of lists (list only, public listing and / or private lists per user). 
  • Many lists per user. 
  • Group and sort the items. 
  • Include image of the item to the list. 
  • Prices in different currencies (or range of prices). 
  • Mark as "got-it". 
  • Add web links. 
  • Add custom fields. 
  • Add extra images.

Advanced Contact Form

This component is adaptated from the "Contact Form" feature included with mojoPortal allowing the addition of fields to the form. For the fields you can define its type, if it is required, edit masks, in a similar manner to the questionnaires. In this version you can even choose to "remove" the original fields of the form (name, address, subject and message). If you hide the e-mail the message will simply be stored in the message list, and not be mailed.

The Gift List in version has been replaced by the Advanced List.

Download Clemkey for mojoPortal

The versions of this software also show the version of mojoPortal with which they have been tested. This does not mean they do not work with other versions of mojoPortal, but can not be guaranteed.

Current version:

Older versions:

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